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Death, Taxes and Laundry. We can’t help you with the first two but let us take care of your laundry and you’ll never look back.

There’s a reason more people trust us with their laundry than anybody else.

Our Wash and Fold Service includes:

  • Sorting into colors and whites loads;
  • Normal wash cycle with cold or warm water;
  • Normal Dry on low (for sheets & blankets) or medium heat (everything else);
  • Pants and Collared shirts are hung;
  • Remaining laundry is folded and bagged up.

We use a commercial strength enzyme based detergent that includes an oxygen booster and is fragrance free, dye free and hypoallergenic.

We will never wash your clothes with anyone else's.

At Harvey Washbangers, we do everything within our power to ensure your laundry is done in a way that exceeds your expectations.  By leaving your laundry in our care you agree to the following terms and conditions.